Month: October 2021

Reasons why guns should not be for everybody

In America, gun debates are often cast as a standoff between two irreconcilable positions that can be approached without much promise for legislative change. Gun ownership attitudes have been obstructed by thinking about gun ownership as a matter of rational choice economics instead of considering their larger sociocultural contexts. These are nothing but mere explanations of the principles of the law.

The debate about owning guns should not be a matter of debate. Rather it should be a straightforward, objective decision. Guns have been a device of war for the last twenty years and beyond. It has imprinted in the hearts of men a certain fear that permeates all through several generations. 

However, to change this status quo, we must review why not everyone should be given the right to bear guns or arms in general. By doing so, we can objectively decide on the situation.

Reasons why guns should not be for everybody including:

  • There has been continuous gun abuse

Although the government has been a strong organization in ensuring only those responsible and obedient to the law get to use guns. However, this is not always the case. The process is not flawed, but it is not always a good measure of who should use a gun.

For instance, the massacre in Las Vegas was carried out by a shooter with no record of crimes and misconduct. This means, by the standards, he has the right to carry a gun. 

With such a flawless record, it is unexpected that someone like that will kill over sixty people and inflict injuries on five hundred and twenty others. The bottom line is, you’re never truly sure about people.

  • People are always in fear of something. 

It doesn’t matter how well you treat someone; inherent in every man is that fear factor. In a situation where the fear is vivid and metal-real, you cannot predict the reaction of a gun owner. In most cases, it is even impossible to determine if the gun owner is trained or obtained the gun illegally.

The grey areas in this are quite high and should not be given to chance. Whichever it is, we should be reminded that these gun owners can determine whether someone stays alive or will be dead.